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My name is Lily Alfonso. Welcome to my place!

I live in Greenville, South Carolina. I discovered a few years back I have a passion for baking and creating stunning desserts. It grew from a small hobby to quite the obsession - and I can't stop!

The thing is there is nothing worse than to see a mouth-watering, tempting desert head your way that looks so good you are willing to sacrifice all those calories, only to discover that it taste like old dry cardboard!

I hate that so much, I spend many hours perfecting the taste of every single recipe and I would never share anything I'm not proud of.

Please keep up with me as I bake to bring happiness and delicious sweets into people's lives. I have a menu of items you can order, but I can also custom bake you anything you see on my site or even try requesting something new!

I also love taking pictures of my creations, which you will see all over my site. Thanks for stopping by; I hope you enjoy!

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